The Changing Seasons – October 2019

I’ve managed to steal a little bit of October’s Changing Season post this month as I have already written and shared images from several of my adventures for the month.

If you’d like a recap on our New Orleans trip which started in September but finished in October, you can find the original post HERE. I am sharing below, a few images from my gallery which you have not already seen. Including some from Mardi Gras World which is the company responsible for making most of the floats and artwork for the Mardi Gras parades. I’ve also included one of the images from one of the above ground cemeteries in the area. The ground is too wet and soft to bury the dead so it must be done on top of the soil.

After leaving New Orleans I stayed with a friend in the swamps and bayous of Louisiana. I’ve given you a glimpse of the beauty that is in this area in THIS post. It is such a pretty place though, that I thought I’d share a few more.

I’ve also already told you of a bear encounter in THIS post, which we had while hiking in Cades Cove, Tennessee for the weekend. However, mingling with Mamma Bear was not the only thing we got to see that day while hiking the trails and driving the loop road, so here are a few other shots from that visit.

While in The Smoky Mountains National Park we also hiked one of the more popular trails called Alum Cave. I LOVED this trail. It was beautiful and had just enough adventure. My only complaint was that due to the popularity and beauty of the trail there were A LOT of people in the woods with us. I love seeing people using and visiting our parks and public lands…I just don’t really want it to be when I am there šŸ™‚ No photos could ever do this hike justice.

Finally after 5 weekends in a row of travel, I had two and half weeks AT HOME. As much fun as I’d been having, it was a lovely break from being on the go. It was a nice mix of catching up on projects, errands and chores plus visiting with friends and neighbors I had not seen for awhile. I was able to spend time in the saddle at home and do some hiking and riding around our local trails.

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