Water Water Everywhere –

I stumbled across the Water Water Everywhere challenge through TCast’s blog and what a timely discovery as I am just home from the American Heart Association’s annual beach ride.

Every year the heart association holds a HUGE fundraiser at Myrtle Beach. Thousands of horse riders from all over the country participate and this year they raised over $440,000.

This was my first time down there for this event. I left my pony at home as I wanted to scope out all that was involved prior to having a horse in tow. I did bring the camera and it was pretty cool to be able to capture some magical moments.

My WWE submission also fits nicely with my “LPM Photo Adventure” Challenge for this month with the theme:


You can post once or multiple times throughout the month. You can find all the details HERE. But to sum it up, here is what you need to know:

  • It’s monthly and this month’s theme is “Animals”
  • Take new photos
  • Pingback to this post
  • Use the tag “lpmphotoadventure”
  • Leave your link in the comments
  • Have Fun!!!!!!!!!

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