The Changing Seasons – December 2019

As we find ourselves at not only the end of December, but the end of the year, and the and end of the decade, and I sit down to write my Changing Seasons post, I realize this month has been a nice change of pace from the full calendar that I typically keep.

For many the holidays are a time of hustle and bustle, parties, shared meals, shopping, gift exchanges and family visits. For us, however, it is a time of reflection, rest, looking forward and regrouping.

We did get out an about some as on one Saturday we went to support my Aunt as she rode in a drill team competition. It was a fun opportunity to shoot riders in costume all trying to coordinate their moves.

I enjoyed the flare of the season as I was sure to grab several shots of our tree.

I also took full advantage of the holiday theme and played “dress up” with our little pony. I adorned her in some festive decorations for a fun little photo shoot.

I started running this month. I know most people align their goals and new habits with the changing of the calendar year, but I am one to believe that there is no time like the present. Why put something off when you can start now and, in this case, be 30 days ahead of the game.

I stay pretty active and workout regularly, but I have never included any type of running program as part of that routine. In fact, historically, I have always HATED running. I decided that I wanted to try to change my perspective. I think it will be very powerful to have a 180 shift in my thinking towards this activity and being able to find ease (not necessarily easy) in the discomfort that comes with pushing myself.

Coincidentally, In August the Universe sent me Tuve’. I didn’t know I needed him at the time but as I have taken my runs to the trails, I realize I happen to have a dog that was born for this activity. He is the perfect little running companion. I’ve yet to wear him out and it has been a great bonding activity for the two of us.

I have no photographic evidence but I did start back up in horseback riding lessons. Figuring I would need some motivation through the Winter, I signed up to take lessons with a trainer a bit North of us. Two of my friends are joining me and we meet once a month for a 3 hour session. He suggests tweaks in the areas that we need help and gives us homework to work on in between lessons.

On Christmas morning instead of opening presents and eating breakfast casserole, hubby and I woke up early to drive the short distance to the lake and take a few sunrise shots. It was a lovely way to welcome the holiday. We followed the pictures with a run and then over to a neighbors for brunch and mimosas.

Two days after Christmas a friend and I hauled the horses over to the local park and had a very enjoyable trail ride. It was an unseasonably warm Winter day and the horses were on their absolute best behavior. It was a very fun ride.

Happy New Year Everybody! Here is to an amazing 2020.

8 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons – December 2019

  1. Hello! Your post has made me want to give running another go! I am sure it would be much easier with an adorable dog like yours to share it with! And how exciting to be able to horseback ride! Best wishes in the new year!

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