LPM – Photo Adventure – Still Life

My “Still Life” images to go along with my theme for this month are pictures of shoes and tools from various hobbies to demonstrate some of the activities that I enjoy in my life.

My first image was focused on the horse/equestrian side of my life.

My second image was from the kayaking piece of my life.

Today I present you with the items I use when I go running. You will see my shoes, earphones and phone for music and tracking, socks, flip belt (which provides a long pocket), water bottle and dog leash (because the dog runs with me).

I hope you will join along in my LPM Photo Adventure with February’s theme of: Still Life

You can post once or multiple times throughout the month. You can find all the details HERE. But to sum it up, here is what you need to know:

  • It’s monthly and this month’s theme is “Still Life”
  • Take new photos
  • Pingback to this post
  • Use the tag “lpmphotoadventure”
  • Leave your link in the comments
  • Have Fun!!!!!!!!!

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