The Changing Seasons – February 2020

Our wet and rainy weather continued throughout February and I think the last I heard we were something like 8 inches over average. If you read my blog regularly you already know of the challenges this presents as a horse owner so I’ll spare you the impacts in this post.

We’re Mud Colored!!!!!

I also hurt my knee this month. I was running one day and tripped on some roots. The good news is x-rays were clean. The bad news is I either have a bone contusion or a ligament/tendon issue which has been painful and slow to heal. For now the treatment is rest, ice and NSAIDs.

A random sunset picture on the lake

I’m happy to write that neither the weather or the knee have put me completely on the shelf. I’ve been somewhat limited in what I have been able to do but still getting around and staying as active as possible.

Trying to dry out one rainy foggy morning

Prior to the knee injury a friend & I had a very special yoga practice held at the local aquarium. It was so peaceful to be surrounded by the swimming fish and sounds of water as we flowed along with the instructor’s suggested poses.

Under The Sea yoga was the first time I had ever been to the aquarium. It was a cool place and indoors, so when I found myself looking for some photo ops on a rainy day, I decided to head back over there armed with my “good” camera instead of just the phone. Low light and fast swimming fish through thick and often curved glass made for a challenging session, but I had fun and thought some of the shots were cool in spite of the difficulties.

Before I go any further, it wouldn’t be a Changing Seasons post if I didn’t include a few shots from around the farm. So here are the obligatory animal pictures for February. As weather and injury has forced me slow down I realize how grateful I am for my animals. It doesn’t always have to be about riding, going, doing. It just has to be about being in their presence, caring for them and sharing space. They bring me limitless joy and I am grateful for the unique value that each of them brings to my life.

One Saturday as hubby and I were out running errands, we found ourselves near the campus he teaches at and decided to take a visit to the collegiate greenhouse. They had some lovely Winter blooming orchids and I was able to grab some cheery shots.

I close with a few images of the regular visitors we have to the yard. The birds and wildlife that visit the farm are another source of joy for me. I never seem to tire of watching or photographing them. Much love to you my friends as we march into March.

12 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons – February 2020

  1. Your photos are stunning. I’m really impressed with the aquarium shots. You’ve inspired me to go to ours with my camera.

    I hope your knee heals soon. Take care and thanks for being part of The Changing Seasons.

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      1. I love aquaria; there’s a really cool one in Auckland that has a little train ride through a penguin enclosure which my son absolutely adored when he was little. We even had one of his birthday parties there.

        Liked by 1 person

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