LPM – Photo Adventure – Sunrise/Sunset & WWE

Join me this month for my “LPM Photo Adventure” with the theme of:


You can post once or multiple times throughout the month. You can find all the details HERE. But to sum it up, here is what you need to know:

  • It’s monthly and this month’s theme is “Sunrise/Sunset”
  • Take new photos
  • Pingback to this post
  • Use the tag “lpmphotoadventure”
  • Leave your link in the comments
  • Have Fun!!!!!!!!!

This particular post also goes nicely as my submission for: Jez Braithwaite’s “Water Water Everywhere” Challenge.

16 thoughts on “LPM – Photo Adventure – Sunrise/Sunset & WWE

  1. Woo hoo! Another fabulous challenge! and such a beautiful colourful sunset (?) to get us started.
    That’s one of the fascinations I have with sunrises/sunsets – one can hardly tell which it is, if not for titles & captions.


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