A Conversation With Tucker

Tucker: You haven’t written about me on your blog in FOREVER.

Me: You’re right. I should fix that.

Tucker: We haven’t gone anywhere in awhile either. What is going on?

Me: Well…in the human world there is this virus. It is kind of a big deal, people are getting very sick, some are dying, the economy is crashing and a lot of public places are closed.

Tucker: Even the trails we ride at?

Me: Yes, even the parks and trails. But they are going to start opening things back up this weekend. The trails are one of the first things they are lifting the restrictions on.

Tucker: That’s good, right?

Me: Honestly, Buddy, I don’t know. Things have to reopen at some point, but it will probably come at the cost of more people getting sick.

Tucker: Are we going to the park this weekend?

Me: NO

Tucker: Why? Our friends are going. They want us to come along.

Me: You are right again, they are. I just feel differently about it than they do. For me, even if we can set aside the risk of catching COVID-19, I think the parks will be very crowded this weekend. People have been forced to stay home for almost 2 months. I think they will all flood the parks now that they can. I just don’t want to deal with the headache of trailer parking, baby strollers, off leash dogs, and people not paying attention while I have my horse out there in the mix of it all.

Tucker: I’m chill Mom.

Me: You are not the one I worry about. It’s the people.

Tucker: When will we go out again?

Me: Probably soon. On a week day when there will be less people there. We’ll see how things go as public places open back up.

Tucker: I’m not in a hurry Mom. I don’t mind just riding around here.

Me: I’m glad to hear that. I don’t mind it either. In fact I love it. We’ve gotten into a nice rhythm and groove here at home during this shut down and I feel like it has been really good for our connection. A focus on just us.

Tucker: Ummmm…yeah. Can I have snack?

8 thoughts on “A Conversation With Tucker

    1. Thanks Brian. Tucker is very focused on snacks. I do thinking sitting tight a little longer seems like the logical choice for many reasons, but I also accept that many people are having a very different experience through this isolation and the need for them to get out, in spite of it, is the more appealing option.

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  1. I love the dialogue between you and Tucker. A true horse whisperer you are. I agree with you on the distancing. I don’t trust the reopening and people are irresponsible. We are going birding on Saturday for Big Global Day. It’s supposed to rain so maybe people will stay home. I have carrot cake fir Tucker. 😊

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  2. Tiger Nahe and I are all very eager to get back to business. I was really hoping to ride in clinics this year. Here in NY nothing has opened back up yet. Definitely concerned about the hoards of people.

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      1. I agree. Balancing safety yet living life. And then theres the conditioning if the horses. For those who cannot see their horses still or who still cannot ride. For me my riding is limited so long distance paces and jumps are still a ways away


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