Tea With Su

Good Morning. I’ve been invited to tea with Su so I’ve poured myself another cup of coffee and thought now would be a good time to take a bit of a break from sorting through emails, reconciling invoices and trying to figure out our next staffing challenge.

I’m working in my home office and have one dog curled up at my feet and the other two sleeping soundly on the couch behind my desk. It’s a pleasant morning outside and the horses are contentedly eating their morning hay in the pasture while the wild birds are visiting my feeders in the backyard.

The cup I am drinking from is one of my favorites, purchased at the zoo on our last visit over the Winter. As I sip, I give a brief thought to being able to visit again. When and how will they be able to open the gates again safely?

If we were gathered together sitting on my deck enjoying a cup together I would tell you about getting out to ride trail ride yesterday. How grateful I am to have weekday flexibility in my work schedule so that I can visit the parks during non-peak hours and not have to deal with crowds. How enjoyable it was to meet a friend I had not seen since before lock down began.

I would tell you that I have had a bit of a set back with my knee yesterday. After a long morning of riding and an afternoon of weight lifting and yoga, I managed to feel a pop and some pain while putting laundry away in the evening. While not as hurtful as the first time I injured it, it is definitely in more pain than I have felt in a couple of months. I’m concerned about being on the shelf again. I’ve been enjoying the level of physical activity I’ve been participating in and I have no interest in scaling it back. If I am hurt again, I may have no choice. Fingers crossed a day off with ice will do the trick.

If sitting together, I would tell you that I am excited to get back to the park I rode at yesterday, this time with my camera. We rode around a large prairie filled with a variety of bird species. I would very much like to get out and try to capture them in the lovely backdrop of that field.

I’d like to share with you that I’m excited about several photo taking opportunities I have had presented to me. Hopefully outings will continue to be allowed and deemed safe, so I can schedule these three different sessions. Two of them with friends and their horses and the other with a friend and her new puppy. For the time being small outdoor gatherings with proper social distancing is allowed and I see no reason we cannot accommodate those restrictions while still getting some photos made.

Coffee is made so much more enjoyable when it is part of a conversation, so I will scroll over to Su’s page to link up with all of you and see what is happening in your corners of the world.

11 thoughts on “Tea With Su

  1. Thank you for sharing your coffee time, and the conversation.

    I hope the icing has done the trick – and that your knee is feeling better. The thought of an injury returning is frightful and the knee is so tricky at the best of times!

    Hope you are able to return to the trails soon to get your breath of fresh air!

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      1. I think my outdoors, although not as scenic as yours, is a meditative place, despite occasionally having to dodge bikes and other users of the pavements. No complaints from me – I am just happy to be able to be out.


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