Grateful Fridays

Here are 5 things I am grateful for this week:

  1. A weekday trail ride with in a mostly empty park.
  2. Being asked to take pictures for a friend sometime this Summer because she wants some nice images of her horses.
  3. Exploring a new (to me) wildlife refuge.
  4. Prosecco, because bubbles in my mouth make me happy and it tastes good.
  5. Having a Bluebird check out the house we hung for them. Fingers crossed someday they will decide to move in.

Now over to all of you. I’ve featured my Grateful Fridays post for several months now, and it occurs to me that I would love for my followers to play along. What are YOU grateful for this week?

Hit me up in the comments here so I can see your post and please pingback to this one.

Happy Friday Everyone.

8 thoughts on “Grateful Fridays

  1. I am grateful for friends who re-mind me to seek gratitude in this moment. I am grateful for the “em dash” a slightly longer hyphen that connects thought to thought, like this blog post connects minds, connects graciousness. I am grateful to be. I am grateful to find humility in an-other’s quest as it reflects the beautiful messy perfection of being.

    Air..air is nice ..and water… definitely grateful for water.

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  2. The Baltimore Orioles have arrived and are eating the oranges we put out for the. The hummingbirds are also here. And ( drum roll…) The Province has released riding facilities from the lockdown. There are still restrictions but it means that next week I Can Ride!!

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