Make Good Choices

As states all over the US are reopening their economy and lifting stay at home orders I’ve heard repeated remarks such as the following in support of these decisions:

  • With COMMON sense we can go back to life as it was
  • We should trust our citizens to make good choices about going out in public
  • People will stay home if they feel sick
  • People will “do the right thing”
  • People will be “smart” about gathering

Believe it or not this is not a post about arguing in favor for or against the changing of these orders…what I would like to talk about, however, is the absurdity that leaders are asking me to trust fellow citizens to use common sense, make good health choices and do the right thing.

I submit to you the following that IMO repeatedly demonstrate that Americans will definitely not make good choices, use common sense or place avoiding health risks as their number one priority:

  • 10% of Americans suffer some type of substance addition
  • Almost 40% of Americans are obese
  • There are 3,000,000 cases of domestic violence reported every year
  • 10% of Americans have joined the anti-vaxx movement
  • 13% of Americans smoke
  • We legally have to warn people not to drink bleach or eat soap

My list could go on, but I think you get the point. When it comes to making good choices about health and being smart about what is best for us the members of my species aren’t exactly placing health concerns high on the list. Let’s stop pretending this virus is going to be different.

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