A Conversation With Tucker

Tucker: We had some crazy storms this weekend. When that tree came crashing down in our pasture and took out our fence we were SCARED.

Me: I know. Luckily, we were home, heard the crash and saw you three running laps.

Tucker: What now?

Me: You’ll spend the next several days in another pasture. We might even put you in the barn at night. You can’t go back out there until the tree guys can get here and clean it all up.

Tucker: Why don’t you and Dad just take care of it?

Me: It’s too big of a job for us. And the way the tree landed against all those other trees, I’m worried that more might have to come down, or may just end up coming down as part of the clean up process. We don’t have the skills or equipment for this one.

Tucker: I like being in this pasture better anyway. We share a fence with the dogs. I like to antagonize them, I like to make them bark at me.

Me: Yeah, I know. Is it really necessary to try to get their attention every time we let them out?

Tucker: It’s fun!

Me: Anyway, in spite of all the storms and wet weather, I’m glad we got to ride today.

Tucker: Meh

Me: Really? You seemed pretty happy to be out when we were riding in the neighborhood.

Tucker: I like that part. I like to see the people. They aren’t as fun as the dogs, but I like to watch them push the hay carriers up and down their lawns even though they don’t even have any horses.

Me: The hay carriers are wheelbarrows and that is not what the neighbors are pushing, those are lawnmowers. They’re cutting their grass.

Tucker: They wouldn’t have to do that if they had horses.

Me: We have horses but still have to cut grass.

Tucker: I have no further comment on that. Can you go let the dogs out?

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