Hiking At South Mountains

Hi! I’m Tuve’. I’m a dog. I begged my Mommy to let me guest blog today after she took me on a grand adventure. So here it is…my story about my first trip to South Mountains.

I knew we were going hiking somewhere special. Last night Mommy was really excited. She told me we were going to her favorite place. She said it was magical. She usually takes Tucker to South Mountains because you can horseback ride on the trails too, but since she didn’t have anyone to ride with today and since she wanted to go to the falls, which are closed to horses, I was a natural next choice. She even told me she was going to take me instead of her “good” camera ❤

We got up extra early so that we could get to the park right when it opened. We wanted to beat the heat and the crowds. We got there 10 minutes after the gates opened and even though there were several cars in the lot already we only saw one other person the whole time we were hiking.

Mommy said we should hike to the falls first. It is a popular trail and she knew the later it got the more crowded it would get. As we climbed many many many many many steps I understood what she meant. The trail is more of a narrow boardwalk than a trail because the terrain is mostly rock and the only way to get people to the falls is the series of stairs and planks the park has built. If this trail was crowded it would be a lot of people in a very narrow space. Because of Mommy’s good planning and setting the alarm early we had the trail all to ourselves.

I didn’t really understand the appeal of the falls. We stopped walking for a long time while she sat and watched the water come over the cliff…it all seemed boring to me but she enjoyed it and at least I got a water break out of it.

When we finally started walking again we went up LOTS more stairs to the very top of the falls where we found a bridge that took us across the river with the falls just a few feet in front of us.

Once on the other side of the river we turned off the hiking path and went on trails that Mommy said were called the back country horse trails. The steps and boardwalks were replaced with regular types of trails with natural ground cover, we still had some steep climbs to navigate, but I much preferred these trails over the trail to the falls. We did have to navigate some deep creeks. I guess Mommy didn’t think about the fact that she normally has a horse to carry her across those creeks, but today she had to get her feet wet.

We saw a deer very close. It popped up right on the side of the trail. Mommy thought she was going to get a picture of it because it just stopped and stared at us but I got too excited and couldn’t help myself. I just had to bark at it and then it ran away deep into the woods. I was pretty excited after that and I had to walk right next to Mommy’s legs until I calmed down so I wouldn’t pull on my leash.

When we were almost at the end of our hike Mommy let me cool off and play in the creek. I love playing in the creek. Since her shoes and socks were already wet, she waded in with me.

I loved it there and I hope she will take me back soon. I now understand why she calls it magical.

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