Grateful Fridays

My list of 5 things I am grateful for from this week may sound a little strange. It was not a stellar week, but it could have been so.much.worse. I am truly grateful that things ended up the way the did instead of the way they could have.

I’m grateful that…

  1. When all three of our cars were broken into, that nothing was taken that couldn’t be replaced and we didn’t have to replace broken glass in addition to the mess there already was to clean up.
  2. When the mudroom of the house started to flood, that the water we took on was minimal, able to be sopped up by towels and that no humans, animals or property were seriously damaged.
  3. When I slammed my elbow into the door, that it didn’t break and that the swelling is already subsiding and the pain coming down to a more manageable level.
  4. My husband took care of animals and all the chores giving me a chance to let my arm rest and heal.
  5. When I told my friends that I would not be meeting them to go riding or kayaking, because my arm hurt and I was tired from all the other chaos of the week, that they understood and told me take care of myself.

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