The Changing Seasons – September 2020

September is an interesting weather month because it is as if Summer and Fall are in a constant argument over whose turn it is to be in charge. Fall subtly comes in for The Changing Season as Summer goes out kicking and screaming trying to keep a hold of as many days as possible.

In very early September I took a drive down to the dam that is a popular spot for birding. I wanted one more chance to photograph the Osprey before they headed to their Winter home. They showed up in force and I was not disappointed in the fishing show they put on.

The first weekend of September was Labor Day weekend, so brought with it an extra day off work. The three days gave me lots of time to play. At that point in the month, I was still training for the “dry-tri”. In fact it was the last weekend before the actual event so I spent time making sure to get miles doing all three activities (running, biking, kayaking) although the only photos I took were while I was kayaking.

By the way, I finished that dry-tri and you can read all about HERE if you want.

I also met a friend for a trail ride over the long weekend. We had a nice break from the heat we’d been dealing with all Summer. The horses were fun and interested in their surroundings. It being a long weekend AND a cooler one at that, there were many horses, people, dogs and kids at the park so they had a lot to take in during the ride.

I spent some time with the camera secured in my backpack as I scrambled up and down multiple creek banks, over slippery rocks and waded through chilly waters so that I could play with slow shutter speeds to capture the motion of water as it twisted through creek beds and tumbled down layers of rock.

Sadly the second trail ride I had scheduled this month got cancelled because the remnants of hurricane Sally came through and dumped 3 inches of rain on us. This closed horse trails for several days to give the ground a chance to dry out. Making the most of the situation, the ladies I was supposed to ride with, decided to meet at a centrally located park for a nature walk and picnic. It was a lovely garden park that was new to me, so I arrived a bit early to have time to play with my camera and capture some of the beauty.

My last big adventure for the month was a trip to the zoo. If you read this blog at all, you know I am a pretty big fan of going to the the zoo. Covid closed it for months and it reopened mid-Summer. I opted not to rush back since it opened when it was still 800 degrees outside and with schools out of session, I figured the crowds would be large even with reduced capacity. So late September I was fortunate to take a day off work that turned out to be a perfectly sunny and mild day.

I hope you all had a great September and are looking forward to October.

13 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons – September 2020

  1. Beautiful images. I’m so glad you’ve been able to get out and do enjoyable things this month. A visit to our zoo has been on my agenda too, but will have to wait until the current school holiday is over.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love the image of Summer & Fall having an argument ….

    The Osprey fishing captures are unbelievable – you caught them right in the thick of action!

    Glad you got back to the zoo to enjoy time with all its residents.

    And that you had trail & hiking time.

    Sounds like a fabulous month despite the squabbling between the seasons.

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