The Last For September 2020

I love this challenge hosted by Bushboy. I think it is clever and fun and yet this month I find myself at complete odds in regards to my participation.

I cannot play without breaking the rules.

If I post the last on the card, I break the rules because I have already edited the image and did not save the original file. Epic fail on my part. But here it is, in all it’s edited glory.

If I post the last from my phone, I break the rules because I feel as if an explanation is required. Second epic fail on my part. But here it is, along with what it is.

Sadly, our little guy Poe had surgery today. He had an eye removed. We had been battling what we thought was dry eye. Meaning his ducts in that eye did not produce enough tears. After years of treatment, drops and ointments the condition of the eye just kept deteriorating. Finally we decided removal was the best option.

When they got the eye out, they opened it up and found what they believe to be cancer. We will not ever be 100% sure as we are not sending the tissue out for pathology. After much debate we’ve come to the conclusion that no matter what the results return our course of action remains the same. If it is cancer and it was not all removed as part of the surgery I don’t foresee us putting our 12 year old little guy through any type of treatment. So cancer or no, we will move forward with hope in our hearts, keeping him happy as we possibly can for as long as we possibly can. Which I am hoping will be for many more years.

So here he is in all his pitiful glory.

Brian, I apologize for breaking the rules.

11 thoughts on “The Last For September 2020

  1. There are exceptions to rules Natalie. Poor little bloke. It is sad when a decision has to be made. You are doing well. I almost did an edit on my last camera shot but decided one of the earlier ones was better. So glad you enjoy this photo challenge. Thanks for joining in ❤

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  2. Poe–what an appropriate name for such a furry tragedy. My sympathies and hopes for a peaceful, painfree transition for Poe. I hope he will romp in the sunset of whatever doggie afterlife to which he is bound.

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  3. Rules are for breaking! (Sorry Brian!) I say this as a pre-emptive apology in case I have to do the same!

    Hope Poe is recovering well. Our dogs have all lived to ripe old ages (living with all sorts of ails & diseases) – so I empathise. Hugs to you & to him.

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