The Changing Seasons – October 2020

October has been a glorious month filled with inspiring light and amazing Fall color. As I’m faced with The Changing Season, I just don’t want to see this month go.

I went outside this month. A LOT. I wanted to soak in the Autumn air and make sure that I drank up every single moment that I could, because once the leaves fall and the Winter starts to settle in, I didn’t want to feel like I missed this amazing season.

I’ve already shared a bit of the Carolina Fall amazing-ness in THIS post and in THIS post, but continue on for many more photos from my month that you have not already seen.

Blue Ridge Parkway:

Botanic Gardens:

Anne Springs Close Greenway:

Croft State Park:

South Mountains State Park:

The NC Zoo:

Puppies (not mine):

14 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons – October 2020

  1. Your photos are an amazing tribute to the Carolina landscape, Natalie. Very majestic and also ethereal. I almost missed the gecko on the fungi log. It was inscrutable. I can see why you absolutely need to be there to make this record. My friend in Colorado told me that parts of Colorado that have never burnt before have been decimated by recent fires and this will irreversibly change that landscape. So now is a good time to visit and protect these beautiful spaces.
    The puppy photos are a real pick-me-up too.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. It is heartbreaking what is happening with the fires on the west side of our country and I am sure their landscape is changed forever. I am not sure how much longer this can go on and continue to support life….ah but that is a much sadder and longer conversation. I think puppy pics are the answer for this early in the morning πŸ˜‰

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