The Changing Seasons – November 2020

It has been a month full of observation. The most prominent performance that caught my attention was watching Fall drift deeper in and then start to fade. The autumnal season gave a beautiful display this year and was strong in color and light early this month, however, as we near the end of the month, Fall is letting go of its grip on the landscape and Winter is creeping nearer.

I’ve been gifted with time this month to fully immerse and enjoy this change. A fact that I am ever so grateful for. I went hiking. I went camping. Hubby & I also bought a new off road vehicle this month, so we added to the adventure list by getting off the pavement and exploring some country, gravel and dirt roads. I was able to watch The Season Change this month and I tried to capture the beauty the best I could.

Nature wasn’t the only thing I watched this month. I was lucky enough to get to photograph a horsemanship clinic. Many of the riders are my friends and it is always more fun to shoot people you know. That being said it was a great group of riders in whole and all of them had some lovely things going on with their horses. I hope I was able to catch even a glimpse of these horse/rider relationships in images.

I watched the birds! It is always a treat for me to have time to see our feathered friends out in the natural habitats.

As I do every month I spent time with my horses. Tucker’s EPM has changed the way I interact with my herd, but they are still a large part of my life and I’m finding fulfillment and enjoyment in this new way of being together. I realize I am long overdue for an update on Tucker’s status. The vet comes tomorrow to check two of the horses and once I have some more information I will provide a full write up on all that is going on. In the meantime here are few images of the larger horses against the lovely colors of Fall.

My final observation of the month was getting to see my friends play with their pups in the park. They recently added a new puppy to their family and I could not resist getting outdoors to see them all enjoying each other.

Happy November All! I hope you are all staying well and grateful and paying close attention to the beauty that surrounds.

12 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons – November 2020

  1. I so look forward to your changing seasons posts. You capture life around you beautifully. I am slightly envious of your autumn. We have fewer deciduous trees and so a much less spectacular season.

    Wishing you fun, adventure and joy in the month ahead.

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  2. I’m always struck by the majesty of your deciduous trees, Natalie. The changing light complements their next phase of rest and contemplation. The bird photos are awesome ++++. Photos of the horses and dogs also show much affection, fun and happiness. I hope your December is just as brilliant.

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