A Conversation With Tucker

T: That weird lady came again today. She pulled my tail, made me trot and messed around with my feet again.

Me: I know buddy, I was there. She’s the vet.

T: What did she want?

Me: To see how you are recovering now that your EPM medicine is done.

T: And? What did she think?

Me: Overall she is pleased. Your progress is positive and now we just need to keep working on the ground exercises and going on our walks. She thinks you will continue to improve and eventually we can take it all to the saddle.

T: When? When will you ride me again?

Me: I’m not entirely sure. We just have to see how it all goes. Could be days, could be weeks, could be months. It all depends on how your body continues to heal.

T: Then will I be all better?

Me: I hope so. We just have to be patient and do what we can as we can. Flat ground is the way to go right now but if it all goes well we could see trails in our future. We both just need to be comfortable letting it play out the way it is going to in the time frame it is going to. I feel very very hopeful that there will be a positive outcome at the end of all of this.

T: I don’t have a problem with patience Mom…that is all on you.

Me: I know. I miss some of the things we used to do together, but I’m also learning to be really happy in the new things we are doing together.

T: I like it all.

Me: Me too buddy. Me too.

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