Grateful Fridays

It’s hard to believe that this is the last Friday of 2020 and because it is the last one I wanted to do something a little different for my Grateful Fridays post this week. It has been a crazy year and Covid has flipped our illusions of control and well being completely upside down. There have been many sad, horrible and heartbreaking things about the year. That is not what I want to focus on in this post though, I mention them to acknowledge that I recognize how difficult it has been for so many of us and none of the words that are to follow are meant in anyway to diminish or dismiss the struggles that anyone has experienced this year.

There are things, however, that have come about in my life that only happened because of Covid. Things that are not negative and things that I am grateful for. And so I want to spend this “Grateful Fridays” post showing gratitude for things in 2020 that could have only happened this year because of the unprecedented (haven’t we all heard that word enough) times that we are in.

Starting in March I began working from home everyday except Tuesdays. I had a very limited work from home arrangement prior to Covid. I did it maybe once a week. I had no idea how much not having to commute into the office everyday would open up for me from a time perspective. Not only did I lose the commute time, but I also gained flexibility. Suddenly the typically working hours was not the tight schedule I had to keep. I could take a break mid-morning and go see the horses. Ride on my lunch hour or go for a late afternoon run. The trade off is that I may find myself working into much later hours of the night, but I don’t care. I’d much rather be able to spend an extra hour outdoors during the day even if means I have to spend an extra hour at my desk after the sun has gone down.

Covid also brought multiple fitness benefits to my life. After the gyms closed I scrambled to figure out a way to keep my fitness routine going without access to equipment and classes and instructors. My husband suggested we buy a stationary bike, which we did. We signed up for a two online fitness sites which offer a variety of classes. I bought some weights and a few other items. Then, I started designing a twice a week boot camp class which I do with my hubby and one of my neighbors on Mondays and Thursdays. Hubs & I run together more often. I love my current workout offerings not to mention the ease of not having to drive to a gym and the flexibility of doing it when I want or can fit it in. This has worked out to be perfect for me. We never would’ve made this move if the gyms didn’t close early on and even though they have reopened their doors I’ve yet to renew membership because I am so happy doing what I’m doing.

The shut down also brought me awareness. Awareness of a schedule that was entirely too busy and a calendar that was overbooked. I was living a lifestyle that allowed for very little spontaneity because I always had something planned or somewhere to be. Those first months of lock down made me realize that there could be an ebb and flow to life and I had completely lost that ability. I wrote about the realization in THIS CHANGING SEASON post so I will not recap it all in here, but I will hold the gratitude in my heart for the realization that balance is needed.

For obvious reasons my hubby and I have spent more time together this year than we typically do. And although this year has sadly meant that I have spent less time with many of my beloved friends and family, I certainly have a deeper appreciation for the time that we do get together. I’ve always appreciated my loved ones but now the hugs and casual conversations are always going to seem so much sweeter.

Merry Christmas Everybody. I hope there are some silver linings in your 2020 and here is to a New Year filled with many many things to be thankful for.

6 thoughts on “Grateful Fridays

  1. We have just finished our Christmas dinner & games. Interlude now while I wait for time to Zoom my family in other time zones.

    So uplifted to read your post and be reminded of all the good that has come from a crazy crazy year. We may have lost things, but we have also gained others. Thank you for continuing to fill our community space with hope and joy.

    Christmas hugs to you, Natalie!

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