The Changing Season – December 2020

It is New Year’s Eve in 2020, the day that the world seemed to think would never come. Collectively we all know how bizarre and hard and even beautiful at times this year has been. So yeah, I’m not even going there with you 2020, I’m not going to recap and reflect on what you have or have not meant to me, c’est la vie, and let’s talk about the past month, like I would in any other Changing Season post.

December has been a month of slowing down for me. I’ve spent time at home enjoying the Christmas decorations, hanging out with my animals and focusing on a home fitness routine. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had several adventures that got me away from home such as day hikes or trail runs but for the most part I have stayed close to the house and tried to reflect on the daily moments that bring me joy and gratitude. Thus, I don’t have a ton of pictures to share this month.

Tucker has been on the mend and that has meant I’ve been able to work, play with and ride him more. He is doing so well at the walk and while his trot still brings a few trips now and then it doesn’t feel unsafe to ride. His back up improves daily and he is starting to navigate obstacles better. On the flip side, his canter is a bit of a mess as the back feet just don’t seem to know how to pick up the rhythm. I am unsure if this is residual damage from the EPM or a product of the fact that he is out of shape and out of practice. I will continue to work on this from the ground as the thought of riding his canter right now is downright terrifying. Equally terrifying is the thought of putting him on the trailer, I worry about his strength to balance through the curves and turns. Also worrisome is not knowing how much awareness he has of those back feet, if he were to stumble or fall I’d have a down horse on the trailer and I’m just not confident signing up for that at this point. All that being said, I’m quite happy to be where we are. I’m really enjoying working on his strengthening exercises in the arena and having a horse to meander through our neighborhood and pastures with.

I had a real treat this month when I got a few shots of this Barred Owl hanging out in our backyard. I’ve heard the owls all the years we’ve lived here but I’d never actually seen one our property. When I spotted this one in our backwoods I was super excited. I was even more pleased as the owl was patient enough to hang out while I grabbed the camera, changed lenses and fixed my settings.

The biggest adventure I had this month was a trip to the mountains with my hubby. We brought the 4 wheel drive and were able to get off the beaten paths onto some of the old forest roads. It was a very cold, very wet and very foggy day and yet still fun. I love that the mountains maintain their beauty regardless of the weather.

Happy New Year Everyone. I look forward to following along with your adventures in 2021.

6 thoughts on “The Changing Season – December 2020

  1. Love your Christmas tree, Natalie. It is so beautifully decorated. AlsGo, the trees in the mist are so spectacular and very peaceful. Good luck with Tucker. He looks to be enjoying himself even if he is a bit wonky on his feet. I wish you and Tucker and your family a wonderful new year.

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