The Tiger King Parallel

If you haven’t watched The Netflix series “The Tiger King” I would suggest you don’t bother.

I would like to take a moment, however, to share a brief and very diluted version of what it is about. A crazy Tiger collector named Joe runs an icky zoo and has a “nemesis” by the name of Carol Baskin.

Joe is very public about his hatred for Carol. Constantly calls her a bitch, wishes she were dead, does a video where he pretends to feed her to the tigers and just in general is very open about how much he wants to kill her.

Then in a plot twist, that surprised no one, there is an unsuccessful attempt to murder Carol.

Everyone, for good reason, suspected Joe.

Joe, however, said no no no you must ignore everything I’ve been saying. Never mind all those threats I made loudly and in a very public way. Forgot about those conversations I had where I said I was going to do this. It wasn’t me…it was this other guy trying to frame me so he can steal my zoo.

Interesting theory Joe!!!!!

Spoiler Alert: Joe does end up being found guilty and getting convicted in a court of law.

Strange, that I, as an American, have had this story replaying in my mind the past two days. I wonder why it is resonating so strongly with me right now? Hmmmm…..

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