Grateful Fridays

Here is my list of 5 things I am grateful for from this week:

  1. Two full days of dry weather with no rain
  2. A good vet that is working hard to save my little Poe’s (dog) vision
  3. An incredibly thoughtful hand written appreciation note from my boss
  4. Warm slippers
  5. The colors of a beautiful sunrise

16 thoughts on “Grateful Fridays

  1. Oh no! What is the matter with Little Poe? Is this a chronic problem that he’s suffering from? I am glad that you have found a good vet partner to work with.

    Nothing like a beautiful sunrise to start the day. Thank you for sharing it.

    P/S How is Tucker doing?


    1. He’s had a lifetime of eye issues and he only has one eye as the other had to be removed. He has a serious ulcer in the remaining eye and it has opened up layers of the cornea which has allowed bacteria and infection in. He’s on a very aggressive treatment in hopes that he doesn’t lose his eyesight entirely.


    2. Also…Tucker is about the same. Getting stronger since he is getting more work. We are riding regularly at home now. There is still some residual instability and trips and good versus bad days, but we are staying the course and I’m happy to have time in the saddle.


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