The Changing Seasons – February 2021

Every year as February takes us deep into Winter I am reminded that you have to make the most of the days no matter how wet, rainy, cold, muddy or even sunny and warm they may be. It is the month that my mantra becomes “there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing”. This year was no exception. We had lots of water dumped on us. Our pastures are mud, mud and more mud. It was cold for much of the month and I appreciated my space heater on and dogs cuddled up around my feet. There were also bright sunny days that were unseasonable warm and hinted of the Spring to come. No matter the weather, I tried to just go about my usual business by dressing appropriately then enjoying my days in the company of my my hubby, my animals and staying active outdoors by hiking, riding, running and taking photos.

I hiked in the rain:

I hiked in the sunshine:

I rode my pony:

I watched birds:

I visited a friend and got to play with the baby lambs recently born on her farm:

I watched the sun:

I went to the zoo:

I have some hiking and camping planned this month, so as The Season Changes I’m looking forward to March. I hope you are as well.

12 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons – February 2021

  1. End of February invokes the change of season in my town as well. And by March, it’s all about bright colors during the day and gentle breeze during the night.
    Lovely captures you have shared 🙂

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  2. Seriously impressed with your hiking in the rain. Though it is fun to hear the rain hitting your raincoat. Aren’t lambs fun to watch, especially when leaping about being “kids”.

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