The Changing Seasons – March 2021

Hard to believe the Seasons are Changing again as March has come and gone and Spring is in full swing with the flora budding and blooming.

Tucker and I have spent much time touring our property this month as the flowering trees make the scenery particularly enjoyable. Although honestly, I don’t much care what I’m looking at, as long as it is between those precious ears!

I went on my first camping trip of the year. YAY!!!! It was a group of friends that I would normally ride with. Tucker didn’t join me, as I don’t feel comfortable trailering him after the EPM diagnosis. I figured I could find ways of entertaining myself whilst my friends were out riding. I was right…there happened to be a duck hunting trial going on not far from our campsites which made for some unique shots that I don’t normally have exposure (ha ha…get it) to.

I did a fair bit of hiking this month as I continue to increase the weight on my back in preparation for my upcoming backpacking trip.

I also had the privilege to photograph a horsemanship clinic. This is one of my favorite things to shoot as I LOVE trying to capture the unique and beautiful bonds people share with their horses.

Since the clinic was so close to my friend’s place that has the lambs, I couldn’t help myself but to stop in and have a peek at the adorable babies. It was a bonus that there was also a litter of puppies.

I’m looking forward to April. It seems to mark a change for me both personally and professionally and as a new chapter turns, I hope you all feel the same enthusiasm I do.

10 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons – March 2021

  1. Oh those lambs (swoon).

    Lovely photos as always Natalie. I so enjoy seeing your month, which is always so different to mine.

    Wishing you good weather, great riding and adventures in the month ahead.

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  2. What a feast for the eyes, Natalie! lovely lovely images!
    You’ve captured the lovely animals in motion, and all that cuteness …

    Cheering you on as you prepare for your backpacking trip!

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  3. I am so enjoying all the lovely spring flowers that people are posting this month, and yours are gorgeous too, Natalie. The animals are adorable. As you mentioned about one of the lambs before, it has a good life before it ends up on the plate. Same too for the ducks. I look forward to your spring unfolding in the your April photos.

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