Grateful Fridays – Special Edition

Every week I put together a list of 5 things I am grateful for that happened that week. I am going to do the same today, however, this version is going to be slightly different. Instead of just 5 random things that brought me gratitude, I am going to list 5 valuable lessons that I learned or was reminded of which Tucker, my horse, taught me this week. I am grateful to have this amazing animal to teach me and I am grateful for the lessons he shares:

  1. A good strategy to surviving a storm around you is to stand quietly and contemplate yourself
  2. Enjoy the green grass while you can
  3. Sometimes staying uncomfortable for just a little longer than you want to, can lead to a mental or physical release, sometimes both
  4. You cannot always solve all problems, sometimes, things like flies just have to be endured
  5. It is OK to be afraid sometimes, like when children chase you down the street with loud plastic toy lawnmowers, but you have to hold it together the best you can

11 thoughts on “Grateful Fridays – Special Edition

  1. When we face a problem/s that seem to be overwhelming and think it cannot be solved, your small steps will be helpful.
    To me it’s rather like what we learned as children before crossing a street: Stop Look and Listen

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  2. Thank you, Tucker.
    All 5 lessons resonate so much with me, but I have to say #5 is extremely apropos in this time of crazy. Going out these days to run my errands often gives me a bellyache from sheer stress. Next time I venture out, I will think of Tucker and “hold it together” as best I can!

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