The Changing Season – May 2021

The Changing Seasons is officially hosted by Su each month, however, she is considering a change in guard, if interested feel free to reach out.

The month started strong. My photo club, for the first time in over a year, got together for a photo shoot. It was delightful to see everyone together again. We wandered around a quaint little South Carolina town, discussed all things photography and caught up with all that had happened with each other during the course of the past year.

My second big adventure of the month was a day hike with my most willing hiking partner, Tuve’. I wanted to be sure my legs stayed in hiking shape. I had so much fun on that first backpacking trip that I quickly got to work figuring out how to take another one. I joined a local backpacking Facebook group and as luck would have they had a trip planned for mid-May. My pup was more than happy to help get me a little more trail time before heading out again.

That next weekend brought backpack trip number TWO. This one was much closer to home but also less picturesque. I didn’t care. I was just happy to be loading up my pack and heading back into the quiet of the forest. I was a bit apprehensive of heading into the isolated woods with people I didn’t know, especially, because in the end it was just going to be me and another couple. I need not have worried. We were a perfectly matched group on the trail. Conversation was easy and flowed readily, we laughed at similar jokes and marveled at similar beauty and we were also similar in the pace we liked to hike. I couldn’t have asked for a better trip.

Two days after returning from my backpack trip, I got careless around the horses. I was in a rush trying to be on time for a bootcamp class. I was leading two horses at once and rushing them into their stalls for evening feed. As tends to happen when one gets complacent around large animals, I got hurt. Freckles stepped on me, badly breaking one toe and bruising the surrounding foot. UGH…at this point my month went from being filled with fun outdoor activities, to endeavors that kept me at home. Our barn, pastures and chicken coop which normally don’t feel that far from the house, with my limited mobility, suddenly became MILES away. The daily chores, the horseback rides and the physical fitness activities that usually fill my mornings and evenings were replaced with books and movies. The few photos I did take were while sitting in the sun on our deck.

In a desperate attempt to not completely lose my mind, I convinced my hubby we needed to take the 4wd vehicle out to enjoy a bit of fun off the pavement. It is good activity that gets me out in nature but requires ZERO walking. It was a fun day as we explored the National Forest via the dirt and gravel roads that are a bit less accessible and far more adventurous than any that have pavement on top of them.

As we head into June I hope you are all happy and healthy.

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