The Changing Seasons – June 2021

IT IS SUMMER!!!!!!! I may have started the Summer with a broken toe but as it heals up I find myself making up for lost time. I’ve been on several fun adventures this month, but sadly, I only took my camera on one of those adventures so my post for The Changing Seasons this month will be filled with cell phone images instead of my usual higher quality shots.

The first fun trip I went on was a trip through the swamp on my way to the beach. The swamp was filled with beautiful flora and wildlife.

After touring the swamp, a friend and I went on a kayak trip through the saltwater marshes, then hopped a ferry that took us to a little island with only 11 campsites on it. You had to hike from the ferry drop off to your spot and it was really the equivalent of a backpack trip as you had to pack all your things in to stay for the night. Once there it was a pretty amazing experience. The campsites were nestled among the sand dunes and very very private and with no way on or off the island when the ferry stopped running there were only the few campers out on the miles and miles of beach. It was a truly unique experience and I hope to get to back again sometime. Reservations are hard to get and I felt pretty lucky that we were able to pull this off.

I spent lots of time with Tucker this month. We were fortunate for the heat of Summer to not settle in until late in the month so I was able to grab lunch or after work rides without cooking the two of us. Even after things got warmer we had some really beautiful mornings and I rose before work to grab a quick ride or session with him before the heat of the day kicked in. His EPM seems to have leveled out at this point. His recovery has gone well but he continues to have some weird stability stuff, tripping and balance issues. Much of the time he is good but then sometimes…not so much. I just deal with whatever shows up that day and sometimes he seems good enough to ride and sometimes I play online or at liberty to keep falling out of the equation (for me at least). I’m enjoying him greatly. With no agenda or time table to hit it has been a lot of fun to just flow with whatever we are able to do that day.

I had a couple of great kayak trips this month. One was to a new to me lake that was absolutely stunning. The hi-lite was paddling right up to a waterfall. The other was with my hubby on his birthday and it was a total delight. We paddled for hours and laughed and laughed together out on the water.

The final adventures I’ll touch on for this post is that I got out for a couple of hikes. One at Pilot Mountain and one through some lovely manicured gardens.

I would like to send a HUGE thank you to Zimmerbitch for hosting this challenge for so long. It is one that I thoroughly enjoy and oddly seems to be the only one that I am consistent with. Thank you Su. Equally I would like to send lots of appreciation to Brian and Ju-Lyn for continuing on with the challenge and sharing hosting responsibilities. Much love to you all.

15 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons – June 2021

  1. So glad you have been able to have Tucker time Natalie. Wow those swamps are something. I love the Old Mans Beard, what we call them here or Spanish Moss) and that camp site. That reminded me of camping as a Scout in the sand dunes and sliding down the dunes on bits of cardboard. And a paddle as well, what an action month despite the toe. Thanks for joining in on Changing Seasons. I hope Ju-Lyn and I can live up to Su’s standard :):)

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  2. What a fabulously upbeat update, Natalie! Even a broken toe will not keep you down!

    I love that your kayak is colour-coordinated with your outfit! Makes for such striking photos! Such beautiful scenery as well.

    Glad to hear you had quality Tucker-time before the heat hit. Precious moments, these.

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