Grateful Fridays

Here is my list of 5 things I am grateful for from this week:

  1. A cool 64 degree morning.
  2. Making new friends.
  3. Getting to the watch the Osprey fish one last time as it won’t be long before they have all migrated for the Winter.
  4. Getting to propose a new employee appreciation plan at work.
  5. Learning some new safety tips for kayaking.

5 thoughts on “Grateful Fridays

  1. A lovely list of gratitude!
    Good weather is heavenly – we’ve had lots and lots of unseasonable rain in Singapore. Though not always convenient (we had to reschedule/cancel several runs and outings) the cooler temps are certainly welcome! And you had sweater weather!

    Making new friends in this time of plague is certainly a wonderful gift!

    Googled Osprey Fish; then realised that you meant Osprey (noun) fish (verb). Big chuckle.

    Congratulations on pushing through your application for an employee appreciation plan – in the world of corporations, I’m pretty sure that’s commendable!

    Getting ready for your next kayaking trip?

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    1. Our cooler temps were also brought to us by rain, we actually had a hurricane come through. We were fortunate to not have much wind or rain and lucky enough to benefit from the after effects. I hope the cool weather sticks around for both of us.

      I was fortunate enough to be on the water with a guy that knew a lot about wilderness safety. I spend some much time out there, I figured I would pick his brain while I could.


      1. Weather systems are so very tricky – and so changeable these days. I am glad you only felt the positive effects of this particular storm.

        Absolutely – when the opportunity presents itself, one certainly must make the most of it!

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