Grateful Fridays

Here is my list of 5 things I am grateful from this week:

  1. A trip to the zoo
  2. Participating in a fun and challenge trail obstacle course with my hubby
  3. Wandering around the wildlife refuge with my hubby and my camera
  4. Fitness instructors who push me harder than I want to work and (hopefully) make me stronger in the process
  5. A new farrier (horse shoe person) that seems like he is going to work out really well

6 thoughts on “Grateful Fridays

  1. I don’t know farriers, but I do understand the need for competent & kind people who do work with those we care about. And finding them are always like uncovering gems!

    What fun! that you had time on the Obstacle Course with your husband! I was just recently reminded that couples, not matter how much we love each other, are not necessarily good running/exercise mates. You and I are very fortunate in this regard.


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