Grateful Fridays – Special Edition

If you follow this blog you know Fridays are the day I list 5 things I am grateful for that happened from the past week. This week I have a lot to be grateful for but there was one event in particular that really stands above the rest and I felt like it deserved its very own post!

I took Tucker for a trail ride!!!!!!!!

If you have not been following the story, Tucker is my horse and we used to trail ride and camp and go on all sorts of adventures together all the time. About a year ago after he started to trip and stumble and become very unstable on his feet the vet diagnosed him with a neurological disease known as EPM. If you would like to learn more about EPM you can click THIS LINK.

In partnership with my vet I have spent the past year treating, rehabbing and rebuilding the neuro pathways from his brain to the rest of his body. I would not consider him at 100% but the past few months have shown enormous progress in his movement, his stability and his ability to build muscle.

So…..on a beautiful Fall day, accompanied by my loving husband for moral support, I loaded him on the trailer and drove the 15 minutes to the local bridle trails for a short ride. I was nervous and curious to see how it would go. It all went PERFECTLY. He trailered like a champ. He was upright when we arrived and I didn’t hear or feel a lot of movement while we drove. I kept the ride brief (less than an hour), I wanted it to be a win for both of us. He was amazing and acted as if we’d been out there everyday instead of a year ago. He was calm and confident and I couldn’t have asked for a more solid partner.

I’m not sure what the next step is for us at it pertains to trail riding. I know that I’m not filling my calendar with additional rides or reaching out to friends to meet at the parks for more riding. I think I will take it all very slowly. If things continue to go well, maybe I will try again. Just us. Sticking to the trails close to the house, keeping it brief and just seeing how he continues to handle it.

Even if it never progresses beyond the one day we had this week, I will cherish it. To be given a moment I was not sure I’d ever be given again was such a gift, and after a year of not knowing where this journey would lead us, I was so so so grateful to be able to enjoy the trails with him again.

18 thoughts on “Grateful Fridays – Special Edition

  1. This is just wonderful news. To have triumphed over EPM to be well enough to go out on a trail ride is so good. I would agree with your decision to take it slowly going forward. I hope it will continue to go well for you and Tucker.

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  2. I am jumping up and down (not as vigorously as I might like) as I read this post!!!! I am thrilled for you & Tucker!
    So glad you had this time with him back on the trail – he must have really enjoyed his ride too.

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      1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
        Actually I was pain-free after my visit to the physio. She changed my walking gait and that made all the difference. I am slowly mixing running in with the walking – apart from some tightness at the calf, all seems to be proceeding well. Appreciate so much your concern.

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