Grateful Fridays

This week, the week of Thanksgiving, I am bringing you something a little different for my Grateful Fridays post. I saw this YEARS ago, I don’t know who wrote it. The sentiment of these words is something I try to carry with me always. To me the message is be grateful in all things because there is always something to be grateful for.

I Am Thankful For…

…the mess to clean after a party because it means I have been surrounded by friends.

…the taxes I pay because it means that I am employed.

…the clothes that fit a little too snug because it means I have enough to eat.

…my shadow who watches me work because it means I am out in the sunshine.

…a lawn that needs mowing, windows that need cleaning and gutters that need fixing because it means that I have a home.

…the spot I find at the far end of the parking lot because it means I am capable of walking.

…all the complaining I hear about our government because it means we have freedom of speech.

…my huge heating bill because it means that I am warm.

…the lady behind me in church who sings off key because it means I can hear.

…the piles of laundry and ironing because it means my loved ones are nearby.

…weariness and aching muscles at the end of the day because it means I have been productive.

…the alarm that goes off in the early morning hours because it means that I’m alive.

5 thoughts on “Grateful Fridays

  1. I love this list of thankfulness, Natalie – largely because many of these items start with my own laments (laundry, snug clothes, off key singing in church … ) and to have them turned into things I could be grateful for. I can see why you carry these with you – it makes for a more positive outlook when encountering less than ideal situations/people. Thank you for you this.

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