Grateful Fridays

Hi Friends & welcome to my Grateful Fridays post!

Normally this post consists of a list of 5 things that happened to me that week that I am grateful for. The list is concise and brief and offers very little background or insight to the items on it. As we are early in the New Year I am going to try a little something different with my weekly gratitude to see how I like it.

Instead of a fast list, I’ve decided, for now, these posts will be less about amount (5 things) and more about quality, detail and depth ; giving a little insight into what, why, where and/or how I am grateful for the subject of the posts.

So this week I want to share a special moment shared with a very good friend at one of my favorite hiking spots. I’m lucky enough to a photo of this week’s gratitude. In the image below you see me, sitting in the sunshine on a rock. What you don’t see is that just out of frame is a 20 foot waterfall with a steady flow filling the air with the beloved sound of rushing water. The temperature is cool, but I don’t feel cold. This is towards the end of a 6 mile hike so the blood flow and sun is providing plenty of warmth. My friend and I are laughing and talking about some of our favorites sights from the hike. There are no other people around, just like there have been no people around for most of the hike. In this moment everything felt perfect and I was mindful to stay present and soak it in while it lasted. I’m grateful to have had such a lovely day on a Wednesday afternoon.

Happy Friday Everybody! May you all stay Grateful!

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