The Changing Seasons – January 2022

Hard to believe that 1/12th of the year is through, how does the time go by so fast? Like most months I have been able to get out for hikes, runs, rides and photo adventures. Unlike most months we have had a lot of snow and ice. We had an unseasonably warm December but Mother Nature more than made up for it with Winter weather this January. So…I have decided that instead of posting photos from my various adventures like I do for most of my Changing Seasons posts, I am going to fill this one with images taken here at home during our various Winter storms.

Enjoy a different kind of North Carolina beauty!

10 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons – January 2022

  1. Wonderful pictures. I can always tell if someone lives “locally” because we have the same birds. And, I think, the same snow. I love the snow in your Holly tree. We didn’t see any berries this year. The birds ate all of them. They have nests IN the ‘bush” — which is a lot closer to a tree than a bush.

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  2. Oh my goodness! My living room just got chillier (but in such a good way … it’s blazing hot outside!) …

    For some reason, this song played in my head:


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