The Changing Seasons – February 2022

As I sit here to recap the month for my Changing Season post I’m reminded that the weather has been an interesting mix this February. Some days were sunny and unseasonably warm where I found myself dwadling about the property playing with horses and stretching out chores as long as could, while others were cold and wet that left me dashing for the house just as soon as I could get the bare necessities of the farm taken care of.

Whether the weather was pleasant or unpleasant, I found myself with camera in hand frequently as I went about my days here at the house. So my first gallery is all images taken here at home. Pictures of our animals, of me riding, of the sunsets, of the birds and of the flora. As you can see…signs of Spring are beginning to show.

My second gallery and the last one I’ll share for this month is some pictures I took at one of our local running events. You got a sneak peak in THIS GRATEFUL FRIDAYS post, but to give a bit more detail, this was a race I was supposed to participate in but due to some hip pain decided to sit out. Hubby still ran in the event and although sad when everyone took off through the starting line, I was just as pleased to be a spectator and grab some fun images of the runners.

On to March Everyone. I hope you are all doing well.

8 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons – February 2022

  1. What a month you’ve had! and such vibrant captures despite the unpredictable weather. I’ve gone through your galleries several times now and each time a new favourite catches my eye … such a treat!

    The one image that makes me smile each time I’ve revisited this post is the one of Tucker & Hubby (?) – I am just imagining the conversation they had.

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