Grateful Fridays

There are always so many moments to be grateful for and on Fridays I like to reflect on one in particular that was meaningful to me from the prior week.

This week I am grateful to have been sitting on our deck enjoying a cup of coffee at the exact right time to witness our first baby wrens of the season fledge their nest. It seemed a too early in the year, but after some research I found that although these are probably some of the first of the Spring to take flight it is not all that uncommon for this area for the babies to be out of the nest by mid-April. I would have missed it entirely but the family was really quite vocal about the whole process. The babies calling out their objections and fears while the parents responded with encouragement. At first they flitted from one branch to the other of the tall pine but eventually they mustered up the courage and strength to go from one tree to the next and eventually out of my eye and ear shot all together. What a treat to see these little miniature versions of their parents enter into the big world for the first time.

This is not an image of the actual wrens I witnessed this week, but an older picture of a wren that I had on file. Sadly I did not have my camera in hand when the babies were learning to fly.

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