12 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Oh my goodness, Natalie! a stunning array of Mother-Child captures! I had to look at them over and over to marvel … these brought many many smiles!

    I am particularly fascinated by the bird feeding the her baby … how on earth did you spot them?!!!!

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    1. Thank you Ju-Lyn. It is such a treat to see these pairs. I caught the woodpeckers only because I noticed her going back and forth between the hole and the pond where she was catching the prey. I figured if I waited long enough I’d see her feeding the babies…as for the Pelican, honestly, I didn’t even realize the chic was there until I got home and looked at the picture. That one was truly a lucky shot.


      1. Serendipity & nature often go hand in hand … spotting birds & other critters only when they decide to move or happen to be right in view. Of course, you are always ready with your camera … I am often caught mouth-open and the little critter is well gone before I even think of my phone camera.


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