Grateful Fridays

There are always so many moments to be grateful for and on Fridays I like to reflect on one in particular that was meaningful to me from the prior week.

I am feeling grateful for me new flock of chickens. You may remember that in March we added 5 baby chics to the existing 2 adult chickens we already had. They spent a couple of weeks in the house, then several more weeks in the garage until they were finally old enough and feathered enough to live outside with the big girls full time. These chickens are by far my favorite ones that we have ever had. They are super social and love to hang around with us when we are outside. They are smart (by chicken standards) and really seem to figure things out quicker than most of the hens we’ve had. As a rule, I try very hard not to get too attached to chickens because the hard fact of chicken life is that they have a high mortality rate, however, I am having a very hard time keeping my emotional distance from this particular group of girls.

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