The Changing Seasons – May 2022

It’s Summer!!!!! May was a low key month for me. I managed to injure myself causing a partial tear in my plantar fascia which was pretty painful and required weeks of healing to get back to any state of normalcy. As such, physically, it was a fairly inactive month for me and a rough one to get through mentally because I was frustrated by what I couldn’t do. The good news is I am on the mend, and while I didn’t take a ton of pictures, here are a few that I was able to grab as I gimped around in nature in spite of the injury.

I’d also like to introduce you all to the newest member of the family. MOOSE!!!!!

He came from our county’s Animal Care & Control, less affectionately known as “the dog pound”. We brought him home for a five day “staycation” which serves two purposes, the first being a trial to see how a dog fits into your household to decide if you want to adopt. If it doesn’t work out, no problem, at least it gives the dog a break from the kennel for a few days and gives the county more information on how the animal behaves in a home so they can pass that along to future adopters or make the decision to euthanize. We brought him in with the hope that things would work out. We officially adopted him and so far he is fitting in beautifully. He is 2-3 years old so still has a lot of young dog energy that we have to help him channel and we are working on the basic commands and acceptable behavior but he’s doing really well with all of it. His steeper learning curve is going to be to learn how to be a member of the larger society outside of our home. He was picked up from the streets, so we don’t know his history, he is very skeptical of people in general, he shows fear as his first response to new things and definitely can be skittish in new environments. I have faith that in time he will learn to love it all but he is going to need some patience and love.

Our dogs accepted him immediately and they are all enjoying each other as the figure out their new pack dynamic.

I’ll wrap up this post by saying that if I am a bit scarce on this blog this Summer please know that I am still thinking of you all and checking in when I can. Lately the blog has felt like something I need to keep up with instead of something that I look forward to doing, so I’m removing any pressure and stepping back a bit in hopes to renew my enthusiasm for it. I’m sure I’ll pop in with a post now and then, but until then I hope you all have a great June.

Thank you to our fearless hosts for their Changing Seasons posts

Ju-Lyn and Brian

9 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons – May 2022

  1. I am so sorry you are unable to get around with comfort but when you did, what great photos. I love the spiders web and forest scenes.with brirds. Good luck with Moose and hope he also gets on with Tucker. Please keep dropping in every now and then as you see fit Natalie (the occasional photo of Tucker will do). Thanks for joining in The Changing Seasons 🙂 🙂


  2. Hope you feel better. I have heard that injury is quite painful, and frustrating on the mend. Hang in there. Yes…enjoy summer. Breaks are good. Blogging isn’t meant to be a job…is it? Beautiful photos. WE will all be here when you pop in. Donna

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  3. I enjoyed your family photos, Natalie. Congratulations on the new addition. Lucky Moose has lots of doggy buddies to burn off that energy. It looks so lovely and green and summery at your place. I can’t think of anything worse than sitting inside with the computer when the great outdoors calls, especially now that you are recovering from your injury. Take care, Natalie, and we will see you, when we see you.

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  4. Recovering from injury really is a challenge, physical, emotional and mental. Cheering you on as you recover completely, in time to enjoy your summer activities!

    And I completely hear you on taking the pressure off blogging – I have been struggling with the pressure of keeping up with responses. We do what we need to to refresh ourselves and to do only the things that make sense! Having said this, I hope we will not lose touch.

    P/S Welcome, Moose, to your wonderful new home & family!

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