The Changing Seasons – August 2022

As I look through my photos to put together my Changing Seasons post for August I find them somewhat uninspiring. All taken with my phone and non with much thought into setting the image up beforehand. I assure you it is no reflection on the month I’ve had, as it has been a rather good month. August brings such mixed emotions for me as Summer comes to an end, I’m sad to see the long days getting shorter, but on the flip side I have no love loss for the hot humid days that I know will leave with that loss of daylight. AND…as we edge closer to September we get that much nearer to Fall and you all know how much I treasure Fall with its glorious colors and cool temperatures.

So how did I celebrate my end of Summer????

On a boat. I spent a wonderful day with a good friend cruising the lake, docking for lunch, cruising some more and capping of the fun day floating in the water discussing all topics because as two long time girlfriends we find that nothing is off limits.

Bonding with Moose. He’s in his third month with us and settling in just beautifully. He went on a play day to make friends with a co-worker’s pup. They hit it off just great and spent a long afternoon and into the evening playing and running together. Moose also got out on a couple of hikes and even a couple of runs. He is bit slow when it comes to running but he certainly makes a nice companion for an easy run and he has really connected that running is different than walking and we don’t take time to stop and mark smell all the roses.

Hanging out with Tucker. I didn’t ride nearly as much as I typically do. I guess, by the time I got to the part of my day that it was time to ride, I would either be too hot or too tired or both to saddle up and go for a hack. I’m not sure he minded a less active end of Summer. It doesn’t mean we didn’t get some quality time though as he always brings me joy and a smile to my face, even if it is just spending time in the pasture together.

Running. Always early in the morning. We even did a race. A short flat one. Our early rise times were well rewarded with some beautiful views throughout the various parks and greenways we frequented this month.

The most special thing I did this month was add one more dog to the family. Now let me be clear…we were absolutely NEVER planning on being a 4 dogs household. It’s a lot of dogs. BUT…I frequently visit our local animal control to take dogs out for just the day. Kennels are HARD environments to be in and some of these dogs have been there for months. A day out gives them a mental break and allows me to learn a little something about the dog. Information that could be helpful to its future adopters. As I was searching the website looking for my daily companion, I saw a 13 pound, 16 year old sweet little baby girl. The images on the website showed her years, her visual impairment and the sheer terror she felt at being there. I knew immediately I was going to bring her home so she could live out the remainder of her time with us. I wasn’t sure how having this many dogs was going to work out and worried about the dynamic of adding a senior female to my group. Well….my fears were nonsense. She has moved in, made herself at home and everyone is getting along famously. I’m so happy we have her. She is the happiest little dog I’ve ever seen and just so sweet. I thought we were rescuing her to give a soft place to sleep for her remaining days, but as it turns out she was just the companion I didn’t even know I needed. I’m pleased to introduce you to Wren…aka Peanut…aka Peas.

Onward Friends!!!!!! Thank you Ju-lyn & Brian for hosting The Changing Seasons.

11 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons – August 2022

  1. Very lazy, hazy day, summery, Natalie. You certainly have been busy. Your new old little dog is a real sweetie and there’s not a trace of anxiety that is evident now that she has come to such a wonderful new home.
    I’ve been busy too, but unlike you, I ditched my photos. Next time.

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  2. That looked like a wonderful boat to be on. Would have loved to be the fly on the wall to hear the “gilr talk” 😂
    I am always looking forward to seeing Tucker. He is looking good. What a fabulous little dog to have spend her last years with you. I would have found her hard to resist as well
    Thank you for joining in The Changing Seasons with Ju-Lyn and me 🙂 🙂

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  3. That’s the thing, isn’t it? the more we are in the moment, the less we have to show for it by way of photographs. 😂
    You still captured smiles and happy critters, though. And it sounds like you are squeezing very bit of enjoyment of the last summer days, so yay!

    Looking forward to your fall captures … you know I do enjoy your autumn scenery so very much.

    P/S Welcome Wren/Peanut/Peas to your happy family!

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