The Changing Seasons – September 2022

As I write this Changing Season post, Hurricane Ian is making his way up North, The strum of raindrops beat harshly on our roof and the wind is howling like mad. I lay in bed listening, the house chilly as we’ve yet to turn on the heat. I feel both uneasy and grateful as the storm passes. We are in North Carolina and inland, not in the direct path, and the storm has lost much of its power after making landfall in Florida. We are lucky to have our house, power and no flooding. Many cannot say the same. To them, my heart goes out. I cannot help but worry though as the horses weather the storm. The angst of fallen trees, flooded pastures, wind debris and broken fences is a hard worry to let go of until the the calm returns, hopefully by morning.

September was a good month. Summer did not want to let go of her grip though. We stayed hot and humid for most of the month. Therefore, most of my time in nature still had a very warm and sunshiny vibe.

It has really not been until this past week that things have cooled down and some leaves are starting to display a hint of changing color.

We spent a weekend in Atlanta to witness our nephew get married. It is always a special time with family when you are together celebrating love.

Hubby and I also ran a really fun race. Charlotte is known as the queen city. Like most major cities we have a beltway/expressway that runs around the outside of the major metropolitan are of the city or Uptown. Once a year they shut the expressway down and host a 10k named “Around The Crown”. It is a pretty unique event and a cool experience to run on what is normally a high speed major highway. 5000 runners come together to run the race, take in the views and make sure we all stay in front of the pace. If you’re not fast enough they put you on the bus and get you off the course. The Department of Transportation only allows the closure for a limited time. It was on the Sunday before Labor Day and it was brutally hot and humid but we had a blast anyway.

I, of course, spent my fair share of time hanging out with my number one horse companion.

Tucker was not the only animal that had some fun this month though, as Moose got to visit a friend for a little puppy play day.

For a girl that doesn’t dress up very much, I found myself in a dress twice this month. Once was for the wedding mentioned above, the other for a great rooftop party. Myself, my boss and a co-worker were hosted by one of our vendors to a great night out filled with drinks, good food and lots of laughter.

I hope you are all safe and happy.

Thank you Brian and Ju-Lyn for continuing to host The Changing Seasons.

4 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons – September 2022

  1. Natalie! I wanted to see you & Hubby all dressed up! šŸ™‚

    Around the Crown sounds like an awesome event – a bit stressful though, the thought of being bused away if one can’t keep up? You both obviously did fine!

    So happy to see Tucker out and about! and Moose’s friend … so cute! the both of them!

    Glad to hear that you stayed safe through the storms. My niece is in FL but out of harm’s way apart from a lot of rain, so I get not taking safety (and staying dry, having the roof stay intact) for granted.


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