Learning To Take Pretty Pictures

The past month or so my blog has taken on a bit of a different feel.  There have been less, although not none, of the journal like entries entries descriptive of Tucker and I’s adventures.  There have been some specific story like posts and more and more a lot of the posts have been fewer on words, using photos to tell a story instead.


There is a reason for this.  A couple of months ago I decided I wanted to do something that had interested me my entire life but I had never dedicated the time or energy to doing.  Photography.  I want to learn to take good pictures, to capture and artistically present a moment in time forever.  So I bought myself a Canon EOS Rebel T6.

I’ve been spending time on Google University, participating in a camera club and I even took a workshop through Best Buy all in the name of education to learn how to use this thing.  The most important piece, however, is to actually pick the camera up and get that shutter clicking.  Like anything, all the knowledge in the world doesn’t do a bit of good without practice, practice and practice.


The practice has not been without merit.  I’ve learned some things.  I’m starting to understand some very basic technical concepts and I’m getting more thoughtful when I push the button.  So you my dear blog readers are the victims of my learning curve.  To help hold myself accountable and make sure that I’m spending some time with my Canon I have decided that I will participate in two of Cee’s weekly photo challenges.  Both the Black & White Challenge and the Fun Foto Challenge.  I’ll also be posting once a month for Zimmerbitch’s Changing of The Seasons Challenge.  Finally, I’ll be adding in my own brain child which is the Friday Favorite. This is just a picture that I took, that I like, it could be of whatever I want.


I expect there will be all variety of pictures posted as part of these challenges.  Some that I have put a lot of thought and time into getting, some quick shots where the camera has not been set up as I’d want, plenty of iphone snapshots and really just anything that furthers this journey for me.

I hope you enjoy..the good, the bad and the ugly as I suspect there will be a mix of all three as I believe photography could be a lifetime of learning.

If you liked the way the blog used to be…no worries…I’m sure there will be all varieties of other posts too.  The short stories, the journal like entries and OF COURSE the adventures of Tucker and I.

Version 2


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