Week 10 – 2019

It’s hard to believe there are only 2 weeks left in the challenge. We end number 10 with 29 rides (1 left to go) and 34 hours 45 minutes (5 hours 15 minutes left). Big shout out for daylight savings time kicking in this week. So great to have an extra hour of light after work.

The start of the week was pretty wet and muddy so we found ourselves riding on our road and playing in the mud puddles.

I worked from home one day this week and was able to double up on my rides that day. There is no better way to spend lunch than in the sunshine with my sweet boy.

One evening we were able to use all the spaces we have available to us at home. We warmed up with a trip up and down our road then did some trot and canter work in the arena and then cooled things out riding around our pastures. It was sensational.

The best ride of the week was on my day off when I had the chance to take him over to the local bridle paths. We spent 2 warm hours in the woods together. The first half of our ride was just the two of us and then my hubby came over on his lunch hour and walked the dogs while we rode. It was so nice to be out on the trails again.

Yesterday we wrapped up the week as I popped on him bareback to ride to the mailbox and pick up the mail then just wander around lazily for 30 minutes until I had to stop and get ready for our neighborhood get together

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