The Changing Seasons – January 2021

Winter is continuing on here in the Carolinas as the Season Changes from January to February. It’s been a good month, especially for one that falls right in the middle of Winter which is always very wet for us. I’ve had some fun adventures filled with opportunities to get outside.

I opened my month with a hike up the two summits of Morrow Mountain State Park. The Park has two peaks within, one being Sugarloaf Mountain and one Morrow Mountain itself. Both have lovely views, especially in Winter when there are no leaves to hide the beauty beyond.

On one afternoon this month Hubby & I escaped for a trip to the UNCC Botanic Gardens. I was surprised to see several Winter blooms and even a few signs of a left over Fall.

Tucker & I continued to enjoy our times together here at the farm. We are having a lovely Winter filled with low key rides meandering around our property and neighborhood.

I spent a lovely night of Camping in South Carolina this month. It was truly a trip with the best of all worlds. My Hubby and a friend of ours met me one day for a group hike, they then departed opting for a good night’s sleep in a warm bed while I stayed behind to test some of my cold weather camping gear. At times my toes got cold but all in all I was pleased with how everything performed. The cherry on top was a second day of solo hiking.

A real treat this month came when we headed over to the Whitewater Center to view a lighted art exhibit on display. The woods were filled with lovely pieces that I found both mesmerizing and at times a bit unnerving.

I hope everyone has a good February. I look forward to following along.

11 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons – January 2021

  1. A January and post filled with beautiful & stunning images! Thank you for sharing your hikes, rides and camping with us.

    The Whitewater Centre exhibition is unbelievable – really magical. I can only imagine what it must have been in the woods with these lit art pieces.

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