Grateful Fridays

Here is a list of 5 things I am grateful for from this week:

  1. Planning a virtual 5k at work for our staff
  2. Getting to hike, ride and run all in the same week
  3. Getting to play with baby lambs
  4. An unplanned visit with a great friend
  5. Doughnuts

8 thoughts on “Grateful Fridays

  1. Oh my goodness – #5 really jumped out at me! We were all craving doughnuts all day yesterday/ At the dinner table last night, we made plans to see if we can get us some today when we go to the store. Keeping fingers crossed (we are not sure the bakery we are thinking of will be opened today …. many stores close for the first few days of Chinese New Year: today is Day 2)

    Am glad you had a rich outdoor week.
    Love the sound of your office 5K.
    And awwwwww, baby lambs!

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      1. We don’t hanker after them often either … thank goodness! And we don’t make them at home because I really prefer not to deepfry (and I don’t particularly care for baked doughnuts).

        Managed to get a cinnamon sugar ring doughnut at the Japanese French bakery I was aiming for … so happy.

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