Summer Escapes


Scrolling back through my posts I realize it has been a month since I’ve said a word about the horses. It is time to get this blog back on track!

The herd is doing well and being that it is Summer they are spending most of their time SWEATING. It is that time of year in the South where not only temps soar but so does the humidity.


At this time of year, I abandon all goals and thoughts of progress and set my sights on cooler more relaxed activities. When I ride, it is always Tucker, and we retreat almost entirely into the woods and the shade of the trails. Many evenings find us out on the local bridle paths just a 10-minute haul from the house. Weekends allow for early morning trips to trail systems a bit further from home. Sometimes we are alone and sometimes with friends or hubby. The few arena sessions we do have are always after 8pm and usually only 30 minutes of truly moving out. When I’m not riding, the horses get a lot of grooming time, hanging out in the pasture together, hose downs and treats just for being cute.


This is a nice break for us. Not only from the heat but from the intensity of relationship we carry throughout the rest of the year. There is a comfort to it. Tucker in particular knows that when we are on the trails, he just needs to go confidently forward in the gait that I ask. I in turn know, that he is a solid steady partner who will carry me through the forests, prairies, creeks and streams.

Throughout the time I’ve had Tucker there has always been an ebb and flow to how we work on things. At times it is focused and I’m particular in what I ask, looking for certain outcomes or objectives and at other times things are more like they are now, relaxed and loose just flowing through our rides together and allowing whatever may come. I don’t think one is better than the other, just different. He doesn’t seem to be happier in one state than the other, as long as I remain fair. He just shows up with his typical work ethic in place and adjusts to whatever is asked that day. It is one of the many things I adore about him.


As mid-Summer rolls into late Summer, I will continue to slip away into the shaded woodlands with my pony. There are even a couple of weekends planned to the higher elevations. Up in the mountains where the air is thinner and cooler. Things like lessons, shows and clinics are on hold until milder winds blow, BUT my mind is already starting to wander to those Fall weekends. Thinking about where I want my horsemanship to progress and what new experiences I want to have.



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