LPM – Photo Adventure – Playful

It is still August so my challenge theme is still PLAYFUL in my LPM Photo Adventure.

This guy came for a visit today. He is a nine year old that is currently awaiting a home at our counties animal care and control. They are currently at max capacity and have put a call out to the community desperately seeking help. They offer a couple programs outside of actually adopting. You can pick up a dog for a “daycation”. It is where you get the dog out of the kennel environment for a few hours. Take it for a walk or a dog park or really anything you want to do to give him or her a break. This is what brought this little guy to us today.

He enjoyed spending the afternoon playing in our backyard, running around with the other dogs and then making himself at home in the house.

You can turn your “daycation” into a “staycation” which is really the same program but instead of spending an afternoon with the dog you keep it for up to 5 days. This is apparently the phase that we have moved into as the dog was supposed to be back at the kennel at 6pm and instead now at 8pm he is currently curled up napping at my feet.

Hubby and I are really not ready to add another furry family member. The loss of Radar is still all too fresh. And yet we have this very sweet-natured, lovable guy having fun with our boys, and generally just trying to work his way into our hearts.

Did I mention he has already over stayed his scheduled visit time.

Come join the fun. All the details for the challenge are HERE, but to sum it up here is what you need to know:

  • It’s monthly and this month’s theme is “Playful”
  • Take new photos
  • Pingback to this post
  • Use the tag “lpmphotoadventure”
  • Have Fun!!!!!!!!!

8 thoughts on “LPM – Photo Adventure – Playful

  1. I love this! Our son in England takes in foster cats. The current one has been there for more than 2 months and our son thinks the rescue agency has forgotten him. Out son and his girlfriend have decided to adopt him as it would now be a sad thing to have him go to someone else. The little dog looks like he had a marvelous day!

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